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Remember His Power
By Victoria Osteen - Mar 04, 2016

We all have times when we wonder how our circumstances could ever change or work out. Maybe someone else is involved in your situation, and you think they have to change before anything can happen. Maybe you have a big dream in your heart and you can see it from a distance, but you don't have the resources right now, or you think you don't have the education or know the right people.


It's easy to look at things from a natural perspective, but if we limit our options to what we see, we will live a very limited life. I believe God is saying today, "I haven't asked you to walk by sight, I've asked you to walk by faith. I've asked you to remember My great power toward you."

Most times, when God asks you to do something, it's going to be over your head. It's going to be bigger than yourself. If it weren't, you wouldn't need God. You wouldn't need to walk by faith because you could do it in your own strength and ability.

If you feel a little overwhelmed, know that's when God's power will enter into your life. Psalm 78 says, "They vexed the Holy One of Israel because they did not remember His power. They turned back and limited God." The children of Israel were facing some obstacles, but they didn't remember God's power. They didn't think about how He parted the Red Sea; they didn't think about how He brought water out of a rock. They weren't considering how far He had brought them. Instead, they were frustrated and looked back at their circumstances. That's what limited God's power in their lives.

Today, I encourage you to remember His power! Consider what He has done in the past. Consider what His Word says. Focus on His miraculous deeds. Know that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. He is limitless, and His limitless power is available to you!

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