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Remind Him of His Word
By Victoria Osteen - Sep 16, 2016

Years ago, when my daughter Alexandra was younger, she came to me one day and said, "Mom, can I go over to my cousin's house now?" Well, I was a little preoccupied at that moment and preferred that she just stay at the house with me. So without giving it a lot of thought, I said, "No, why don't you just stay here and play outside?"

But then she said something that really got my attention—"But mom, you told me this morning that if I cleaned my room and fed the rabbit that I could go to my cousin's house this afternoon." She was holding on to my promise, and when she reminded me of my word, I was faithful to it and let her go to her cousin's house.

The Bible says that we should have faith like a child. Even when it looked like Alexandra wasn't going to be able to go, she didn't back down. When I first said no, she didn't walk away sad and frustrated; instead, she pressed in and spoke my very words back to me.

In the same way, when we bring the Word of God to Him, He is faithful to it. The scripture says in Isaiah 43:26, "Put Me in remembrance…" It's not that God forgets His Word. He already knows what He has said, but He wants to make sure that you remember what He said.

When we go to God with His Word, it builds our faith. It shows that we are standing on His promises. It shows that we are obedient because we love Him and believe He has our very best interest at heart, and that is what pleases Him.

Today, what are you believing for? Don't get upset and frustrated when it looks like it's not going to come to pass. Instead, go to God with His Word. Declare His promises. Speak what God speaks because He is faithful to His Word, and He will fulfill everything He's ever promised to you!

"Put Me in remembrance…" (Is 43:26, NKJV)
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