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Rename Your Valley
By Joel Osteen - Jul 24, 2015

In Scripture, when David was 37 years old, he was about to step into the fullness of his destiny. He had just received his third and final anointing. He found himself at the Valley of Rephaim. Rephaim means giants. Some 20 years earlier, he had killed Goliath in that valley. But now, he not only faced one Goliath, he faced a valley of Goliaths. The principle: the closer you are to your destiny, the greater the opposition. You may overcome one challenge, that's good, but don't be surprised if you face a bigger challenge. That means you're getting closer to your destiny.

David and his men went out full of faith and courage, and they defeated the Philistines. Scripture says that David renamed the valley. Instead of calling it the valley of giants, the valley of Rephaim, he renamed it Baal-perazim. That means "the God of the breakthrough."

When you face situations that seem impossible, remember David and rename that valley. This is not the valley of debt, struggle or lack. Rename it the valley of abundance, promotion and increase. Don't call it the valley of cancer, heart disease or kidney failure. Rename it the valley of health, wholeness, the valley of victory!

If you'll start renaming your valleys, what was meant to stop you will instead promote you. The reason you're facing the opposition is because just like David, you're about to step into a new level of your destiny. Don't complain about the valley. Have a new perspective: there's a blessing in that valley. Get your passion back, get your fire back because the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you. If you'll do this, I believe and declare that God is going to turn every valley you face in life to a valley of victory, abundance and blessing in Jesus' name!

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