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Season Of Ease
By Joel Osteen - Jan 20, 2017

We all go through seasons of struggle when it feels like life is moving uphill. There's pressure in taking care of family. Maybe you're believing for your health to improve, but it's not getting better. Too often, we get discouraged and think, "That's just the way life is." In Matthew chapter 11, Jesus talks about how the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and you have to take it by force. He was telling us that there will be seasons where you have to stand strong and really fight the good fight of faith. But a few verses later in the same chapter, He says, "My yoke is easy and My burden is light." He was saying, "There will be times of struggle, pressure and difficulties, but don't get discouraged; that's not permanent. What I'm putting on you, My yoke, it's easy and light." 

You may be struggling now; you may feel pressure and think that's the way it's always going to be. No, you're going to come into an anointing of ease. And when you come into this ease, what once was a struggle won't be a struggle anymore. You're going to have a supernatural grace that will lighten the load and take the pressure off. God is going to make your life easier. He said He would go before you and make your crooked places straight. That means He's going to smooth things out. You're coming into a season where things are going to fall into place. You're going to get breaks that you didn't see coming. Problems that you thought were permanent are suddenly going to turn around.

Be encouraged today because you are not going to go through life constantly struggling, pressured or weighted down with problems. This is a new day. Keep believing, keep hoping and keep praying because ease is coming. This is your season to rest and embrace the victory He has in store for you!
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