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Set the Tone to Win
By Victoria Osteen - Aug 25, 2015

When I go to the store at this time of year, I can't help but notice all the parents and children gathering school supplies and getting ready for a new school year. You can see the excitement and anticipation on their faces; but on the same plane of the excitement of something new is the nervousness and anxiety of the unknown. We've all been there. We've all faced doing things that gave us butterflies in our stomachs. If you have kids going back to school, remember this: The way we respond to them will set the tone for them to grow in confidence or to shrink back in intimidation.

We all have the ability to set the tone for our loved ones to win. This is especially true with parents. Even when I call my mother today to share some news with her, she still sets the tone when she encourages and affirms me. She has influence in my life that no one else does. That's the way God designed it.

As parents, we need to remember what our kids are going through at this time of year and we need to set the tone for victory. If you see them being apprehensive or nervous, that's the time to swoop in and affirm them. Fill their ears with words of faith. Let them know that you believe in them, and you believe in the gift of God in them. Tell them how you've been there and that they will overcome!

Back when we first started doing touring events, our daughter Alexandra was 10 years old and she would sing a solo on stage. One time, her monitors weren't working and she couldn't hear herself or the music at all. I could see the panic on her face and she looked at me in the front row like, "What's going on?" I knew I had to offer her some strength and confidence so I put on my biggest smile ever and clapped wildly to let her know that everything was going to be ok. And you know what? It was.

Remember, you can set the tone for victory no matter what's going on in your children or the people around you. Think about this: when the score drops at a football game, the cheerleaders don't shake their heads and walk off the field. No, they cheer more loudly and encourage the team to press on! God does the same for us and we need to do the same for others. Today, look for ways to set the tone in the hearts of the people you love. Believe the best and offer strength and hope so we can all rise higher in victory!

"Encourage one another daily…" (Hebrews 3:13, NIV).

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