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Set Times of Favor
By Joel Osteen - Feb 14, 2014

On January 8, 1986 at 4:00 in the afternoon, I walked into a jewelry store to buy a battery for my watch. Out walked the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. It was Victoria. I didn't tell her, but I thought, "This is my set time of favor." I knew God had ordered my steps to that store. It took me about a year to convince her that it was her set time of favor, too!

In all seriousness, God has set times of favor for you today and in your future. These are times you've been praying for, believing for, standing in faith for. Let me assure you, you're going to come into set times of favor where a problem suddenly turns around, a set time where you meet the right person, a set time where a good break thrusts you years ahead.

That's why Habakkuk said, "The vision is for an appointed time. It may seem slow in coming, but wait patiently, for it will surely come." Notice he didn't say "maybe it will come." Not, "I hope it will come." No, he was sure that God had already set the date.

Today, you can be sure that the appointed time for your breakthrough has already been put on your calendar! It won't be one second late.

Sometimes we think, "Well, everybody is getting ahead of me. My friends are all married, and I'm still single. My co-workers are being promoted, but I'm still stuck here." No, don't get discouraged. Your set time is coming. It is not going to be one second late.

The good news is that God knows how to make up for what seems like lost time. He doesn't always take us logically from A to B to C. Sometimes He will take you from A to B to C and then thrust you all the way down to S, T, U, V.

What happened? You hit a set time that pushed you 50 years ahead. Now, quit worrying about who's getting ahead of you and just run your race! Be the best that you can be. Keep honoring God with your life. Keep treating people right, and God will get you to where you're supposed to be. That promotion, that healing, that breakthrough, that right person, they won't be one second late. Our God is not a random God. He is a precise God, and He has set times of favor coming your way!

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