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Share the Gift
By Victoria Osteen - Dec 25, 2015

John 10:10: "I came so that you might have life—abundant life!" Beyond the lights, beyond the music, beyond the gifts, God's message is still the same. He wants you to have abundant life and extend that life to others.

Everywhere you go there are people who are in need. They may be smiling on the outside but on the inside they're hurting. Even your friends and family members may be going through things that you aren't aware of. You have the power and influence to make a difference in their lives.

When you see someone who is down and you go over and encourage them, you are releasing God's goodness and grace. When you call a friend who is discouraged and say, "I'm thinking about you. I know there are good days up ahead for you." You just poured life into them. Maybe you are the one going through something difficult. When you share life with others you are sowing a seed that God can use to bring a harvest of healing and blessing into your future.

As you are gathered with family and friends, look for ways to share the gift of life. Remember that the true of gift Christmas is wrapped up in John 3:16—"God loves us so much that He gave His Son, Jesus, so that we can have eternal Life." Because He loved us and gave to us, we can love others and share the gift of life with them!

From my heart and home to yours, Merry Christmas!
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