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Singing in the Rain
By Joel Osteen - Feb 07, 2014

In First Kings, chapter 18, there had been a drought, a great famine in the land. For three and a half years, the people were struggling, barely making it. The prophet Elijah lived in the land, but he didn't complain. He didn't start begging God. Instead, he went on top of Mount Carmel and started thanking God for the rain that was coming. He thanked God that the answer was on the way. He thanked God that the clouds were already starting to form. He was praising God for His faithfulness—I guess you could say…he was singing in the rain!

Elijah sent out his assistant seven times to check for rain. Each time he came back and said, "No rain; not a cloud in the sky."

Elijah didn't get discouraged. He didn't start begging, "Come on, God. I've been asking You again and again." No, Elijah just kept saying, "Lord, thank You for the rain that's coming. I may not see a way in the natural, but I want to thank You that You are a supernatural God."

On the seventh time that Elijah sent his assistant to go check for rain, he came back and said, "I saw a small cloud up in the sky this time."

Elijah said, "You'd better get ready. I can hear the sound of the abundance of rain."

As Elijah kept thanking God, the heavens opened up. The rain came. The drought was over. The promise came to pass.

Today, you may be in a drought. Don't complain about it. Don't keep begging God to change it. Don't ask again and again for the same thing. Do like Elijah; switch over into praise. Sing in the rain!

Every time you're tempted to worry, tempted to get discouraged, tempted to complain, dig your heels in and say, "Father, thank You for the rain that's coming. Thank You for the healing that's coming. Thank You for the favor that's coming. Thank You for the restoration that's coming. Lord, I want to thank You not for just a little bit, not to barely get by, but like Elijah, I thank You for the abundance that You have in store for me!"

"Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit." (James 5:17-18 ESV)

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