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The Harvest Will Already Be There
By Joel Osteen - Feb 12, 2016

A couple of years ago, I was driving down the freeway when this friend came to mind. I knew he was having difficulties in his finances. His job situation had changed. I felt strongly that I was supposed to help him. I mentioned it to Victoria and she agreed. So I sent him a text saying we were going to send him a gift, a significant amount. He was very grateful and couldn't thank me enough. We were out of town, and I was going to take care of it the next day when I got back home. A couple of hours later, this lady we work with called. She said a company had just contacted her. A large, well-respected organization wanted me to be a part of a project they were working on. I didn't have to do anything; I didn't have to go any place, they just wanted to use my name. She said, "If you'll agree to do this, then they will make a donation to your ministry." When she told me the amount, my head began to swim. It was over one hundred times what I promised my friend. Here's the thing, I hadn't even put the seed in the ground yet. I was going to write the check the next day, but before I could put the seed in the ground, the harvest was already there. The blessing had already overtaken me! That's what Amos said, "It's going to happen simultaneously."

Another time, I talked to a gentleman on the phone. He'd been addicted to drugs for over 32 years. He'd gone through different treatments and tried rehab, but none of it was successful. He wasn't a religious person; he didn't grow up in church. One day he was flipping through the channels and he heard me talking about how God can help you break an addiction, how the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you. He said that day, he felt something on the inside that he had never felt. He prayed a very simple prayer. He said, "God, if You're real, help me break this addiction." From that day forward, he never touched another drug. He was set completely free! Being addicted for 32 years, you would think that at least he would have some kind of withdrawals, some pain or suffering as his body readjusted. This is what Amos is talking about. As soon as he sowed the seed, the harvest was right there. It should have taken him months to get over. It should've been a long, drawn out process, but God is in the business of speeding things up. His timetable is not a natural timetable. If you'll dare believe, God will accelerate your harvest, accelerate your healing, accelerate your freedom. God is in the accelerating business! As you bless others, blessings are going to pop up. As you sow the seed, the harvest will already be there! 

"The time will come," says the LORD, "when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested…" (Amos 9:13, NLT)
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