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The Investment of a Mother
By Victoria Osteen - May 09, 2014

This weekend all over our country, we focus on celebrating mothers. Sometimes, being a mother seems like a thankless job. Women do so much behind the scenes that goes unnoticed. But, I want to encourage you today that what you do as a mother matters! God notices; but not only that, the fruit of your labor will be evident!

I love what the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, a young man who had great courage and confidence. He wrote, "Timothy, I can see the faith of your mother Eunice and your grandmother Lois in you." Timothy's strong belief came through the influence of his mother and grandmother. Those women made an investment that had an impact on Timothy's life. I'm sure they had days when they wondered about young Timothy. I'm sure they had days when they weren't sure if what they were doing mattered. But, they kept investing in him, praying for him, and being an example to him, and eventually, they got a return on their investment.

Today, whether you are a mother or not, you can encourage, inspire and invest in the lives of the people around you. Perhaps there are other children in your life—nieces, nephews or your friends' children—that you can invest in and tell them how important they are. Your words of faith will be a great deposit into their futures. Remember, your words have power. Take time to speak words of faith and blessing to those around you because one day, you will see a return on your investment, too!

To all the mothers who have invested so much in the lives of their children, may you be blessed, strengthened and empowered by His Spirit, and may you know the greatness of the gift that you are to this world.

Happy Mother's Day!

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." (Proverbs 31:28, NIV)

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