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The Legacy You Leave With Your Words
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 10, 2015

When you leave this earth, there are things that will be left behind—possessions, finances, cars or even houses. But beyond any earthly possessions, the most important thing you can leave behind is a legacy of kindness, love and encouragement—a legacy that points to faith in Jesus Christ. Possessions will fade away and wear out, but love will last into eternity.

Think about the power of your words for a minute. Words can pick people up and put them on their feet. Words can transform the atmosphere. Words are free, and God has given us all the ability to speak. He's given you the ability to release a blessing into the lives of other people!

I grew up in a home where the phrase "I love you" was as natural as the word "hello." Because of the words that were spoken in my home, it's easy for me to receive and understand God's love. My parents were always good to me and showed me their unconditional love and approval. Because I was always accepted by my parents, even when I made a mistake or did something wrong, I can easily believe that God accepts me.

Maybe you weren't raised in a family like mine, and it's not comfortable to use your words so generously. Today is the day to break the legacy that was handed to you and change it for future generations. You have the power to be the change that you need in your family—through the power of your words, you can transform your legacy!

Remember, you have something that can impact a person's life for eternity. You have something that can help others overcome obstacles. With your words, you can empower others and lead them to victory. Leave a legacy of love and faith with your words because that's what matters in eternity!

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver." (Proverbs 25:11, ESV)

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