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The Privilege of Prayer
By Victoria Osteen - Dec 13, 2016

When we pray, something supernatural occurs. Prayer is the most powerful posture we can take in this earthly realm. When we pray, we connect the strongest part of ourselves with the strongest force in the universe—the spirit of God. We open ourselves to Him, and in Romans 8, it says that God's spirit testifies with our spirit. He confirms His will to our hearts.

Prayer is simply talking to God. In scripture, Paul tells us that we are to rejoice and pray in all seasons and on every occasion. That's how we become stronger and stronger. There are many different types of prayers: the prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of petition, prayer of agreement, etc. When you come to God with an open and humble heart, there's no right or wrong way to pray. The important part is that you do it. 

Sometimes we make prayer a bigger deal than it needs to be. We might think, "Oh, next week I have some time off, so I'm going to spend an hour or two praying." Well, before we know it, that time slips away. It's so much better to say, "Every day I'm going to pray five minutes." Then add on to it. 

Remember, prayer is a privilege. Without Jesus, we wouldn't be able to come directly to God. We wouldn't be able to make our requests know to Him. We wouldn't be able to know peace that passes understanding.  Today and every day, make prayer a priority. Put Him first and draw strength from the wonderful privilege we have in Him!

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