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The Thoughts of a Champion
By Victoria Osteen - Mar 08, 2016

God calls us more than conquerors! We are not slaves to circumstances. We are not captive to our thoughts, but we can choose our thoughts and choose to think the thoughts of heaven. We can think the thoughts of our Champion, Jesus Christ because He is the one who made us more than a conqueror! 


When I think of a conqueror, I think of two boxers in a boxing ring. They go out there in confidence, smack each other, and they don't fall down. They keep at it because they are champions, and they are fighting for the prize. If they get knocked down, they don't stay down, they bounce right back up. Champions have bounce back in them, and you have bounce back in you!

In order to stand strong like a champion in life, you have to have mental bounce back. How do we keep that mental bounce back? It's tied to our emotional bank account. In the natural, you wouldn't think of writing a check without having any money in your account. You work to make sure it's covered. We have to do the same with our emotions. We have to make sure we are covered. 

When you think about the mental toughness of those boxers, you know they have disciplined their thoughts. They don't go into the ring and think, "If I get hit, I'm done." No, they prepare their minds. They have gotten to the place where they believe they are champions.

I believe too often we allow ourselves to sink below who we really are. We have to raise the level of our thinking. If we don't raise our thinking to the standard of a champion, we won't ever meet the standard of a champion.

God gave His life as a champion through Christ Jesus, and we have to attach our thoughts to His thoughts. We have the mind of Christ so we should think the thoughts of Christ!

What are you thinking about yourself today? What is God saying about you? Are you saying and thinking what He is? Are you thinking the thoughts of a champion?

"In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." (Romans 8:37, NIV)
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