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The Yoke Destroyer is On the Way!
By Joel Osteen - Aug 15, 2015

In Isaiah chapter 10, the Israelites were facing the Assyrian army. They had gone through all kinds of heartache. They had lived out in the wilderness and were mistreated and taken advantage of. Now, they think, "Here we go again. This is the way our life is always going to be. One struggle after another." They had been wearing this yoke of bondage for years. So much so, that they had gotten comfortable with it.

But verse 27 says, "It shall come to pass that the burden will be taken off of your shoulders, the yoke removed from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed." God was saying to them, "This is a new day. You're not going to continually struggle. You're not going to live defeated. I'm not only going to remove the burden, I'm going to destroy the yoke."

From that day forward, they stepped into a new level of their destiny. What they used to struggle with wasn't a struggle anymore. That constant pressure to overcome enemies was lifted off of them. God gave them favor to conquer opponents that were much bigger and more powerful. Instead of being looked down on and mistreated, they were respected and given what belonged to them. What happened? The yoke destroyer showed up.

God is saying the same thing to us that He said to them. "You've struggled long enough. You've dealt with that addiction long enough. You've been under those family problems long enough. I am going to take away that burden. I'm not only going to remove the yoke, I'm going to destroy the yoke." In other words, it's not going to come back. That depression is not going to harass you your whole lifetime. That addiction that keeps getting passed from generation to generation, the buck stops with you. That sickness that looks like it's going to be the end; no, this is a new day. The yoke is being destroyed. The burden is being removed.

Maybe you've been living with a yoke your whole life. It's been passed down to you. Maybe you don't realize it. You can't seem to get ahead. You're struggling in your marriage. Your children won't do what's right. You struggle with low self-esteem. That's all you've known. But God said to the Israelites, "I have seen the affliction of My people, and I am coming down to deliver them." God sees every yoke, every unfair situation, everything that you struggle with. He doesn't just sit back and say, "Well, too bad." No, He says, "I'm coming down to do something about it." You don't have to worry, the yoke destroyer is coming.  God is saying, "I'm coming down to put an end to that struggle. I'm shifting things in your favor. I'm delivering you from addictions. I'm removing the burden and setting you free to walk into the fullness of your destiny!" Get ready because the yoke destroyer is on the way!

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