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Wait for His Best
By Joel Osteen - Sep 19, 2014

For years my father tried to buy the property across the street from our first small church. It was a big open field, about 20 acres, with cows grazing on it. At that time Lakewood only owned two acres. That was barely enough room for the church and the people to park. My dad knew that one day he was going to build a larger sanctuary. They were going to expand it so that property was extremely valuable to him. He went and met with the owners and they were willing to sell it. They wanted $400,000 which was a fair price back then, $20,000 an acre. The owners were even willing to finance it. My dad was prepared to present the opportunity to the congregation and start raising the funds, but down inside something didn't feel right. He had unrest inside. He thought it was just his nerves. He tried to push it down, but week after week that feeling wouldn't go away. Every time he thought about it, he could hear the alarm inside going off. Finally, he told the owners that Lakewood wasn't going to purchase that property. Five years went by. My dad got all stirred up. "We need that property. We need a bigger sanctuary." He went back. The owner said, "Fine. We'll sell it to you for the same amount as we asked before." Just as he was about to announce it he could hear the alarm going off again. He felt that same uneasiness. In his mind, it didn't make sense. Now he had the money. They had the property but no peace. Five years later, ten years after the initial meeting, he went back to meet with the owners. This time the market had gone down. The economy was low. The owners were desperate to sell. My father walked in. The owner said, "We asked $20,000 an acre before. How about we sell it to you for $5,000 an acre now?" My dad said, "I think that would be okay." The property went from $400,000 to $100,000.

Remember, when you feel an unrest, an uneasiness inside, that's not God trying to keep something from you. That's God trying to get something better to you. Now don't be hardheaded. Don't have to settle for second best.

If you'll let God lead you, He will do more than you can ask or think. Job put it this way. "God speaks to us in different ways but we don't always hear His voice." God is constantly speaking to you. My question is, "Are you tuned in?" Pay attention to what you're feeling down inside: the promptings, the suggestions; the uneasiness. Remember, He speaks in a still small voice. You're not going to hear Him by accident. Listening to Him has to be a priority.

Today, I encourage you, be sensitive to Him. Don't override the warnings. Don't ignore the alarms. Let peace act as the umpire in your heart. If you'll do this, God promises He will lead you, guide you, protect you. He'll show you His favor if you'll wait for His best!

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me." (John 10:27, ESV).

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