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Walk in Your Father's Shoes
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 26, 2016

Many years ago, Joel and I went to Italy and had this desire to get Joel's father a special gift. He liked nice things, so we wanted to get him something special that he wouldn't normally get for himself. We decided to get him a pair of alligator shoes, and we knew he would love them. When he opened our gift, he was so excited. He loved those shoes and wore them all the time.

The first time that Joel got up to speak after his father passed away, I looked down at his feet, and he was wearing those shoes we bought for his father. The next week, it was the same thing. I didn't say anything, but for several months he wore those shoes every time he preached. Then one day he asked me, "Victoria, will you go to the store with me to pick out a new pair of shoes?" Of course, I said yes, and the next Sunday, he was wearing his own shoes.

A thousand thoughts went through my head as I watched Joel during this time of transition. I saw how he pulled strength from his father's shoes. Those shoes reminded him of all that he learned from his father. They reminded him of the encouragement his father always poured into him. They gave him a sense of peace and confidence. Over time, he became more comfortable in his gifting. I watched him grow and develop what God had placed within him. Even though he got new shoes in the natural, he was still walking in his heavenly Father's shoes in the spiritual realm and drawing strength and confidence directly from Him.

Whose shoes are you wearing today? Maybe you are drawing strength from someone around you as you go from one season to the next. Your heavenly Father wants you to develop your gifts and abilities and lean wholly on Him.

It's great when people cheer you on. It's great when people encourage you in the way you should go. But at some point, we all find ourselves facing something difficult, and the people who used to cheer us on may not be around anymore. They may not be able to give us what we need, but God will always be there. He is always cheering us on. We can always draw strength from Him. Walk in your Father's shoes and find peace, hope, confidence and power for your journey in this life!

 "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you." (Psalm 32:8, NIV)
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