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What Shapes Your Desires
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 10, 2017

Most people have the desire to do something great in their lives. Truly, God wants to do something great in our lives as well. I find it interesting that God wants to partner with us. Scripture says that we are joint heirs in Jesus Christ. He wants to do something, but He also wants us to do something, too. Here's what He says in Psalm 37, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." When you delight yourself in God, He will shape in you His desires so that He can bring the best out of you.

What are you delighting in today? In other words, what are you pursuing? What are you allowing to shape your desires? Sometimes we have the wrong desires, and we are struggling to try to make things happen. We forget about the things that delight us. We forget what gives us fulfillment, joy, peace and strength. We need to allow those things to shape us. Our delight shapes our desires.

When Joel and I first started dating, I worked in my family's jewelry store and would take Friday off because I had to work on Saturday. Joel worked at the church doing television production, and so Sunday was an important work day for him.  Basically, we didn't see each other on the weekends very much. One day, Joel decided that he would take off on Fridays. However, on Fridays, my day off, I wanted to go to the mall. I wanted to run errands. I wanted to do the things that I needed to get done. You know what was great? Joel didn't care. Joel just wanted to be with me, so he would go to the mall with me. He delighted in our time together.

Also, when we first started dating, Joel had season tickets to the Rockets basketball games. He was a huge fan and because I loved being with him, I also went to the games. You could say I delighted in Joel so it motivated me to become a sports fan. If I didn't enjoy being with Joel, I doubt that I would have been so interested. My delight in Joel changed my desires.

Today, don't let the wrong desires cause you to struggle. Spend time with God and find out what He wants you to do. Take pleasure in the fact that He is your God. He chose you, and His plans are to give you a future and hope. Let your delight in Him shape your desires because He promises that He will give us the desires of our heart!
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