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When the Master Steps In
By Joel Osteen - Jun 13, 2014

I read a story about a five-year-old boy who loved the piano. He played every chance that he got. He never had any formal lessons or training. In fact, some people told him he was too young and too small; but in spite of those comments, he continued practicing. The only song he really knew how to play was "Chopsticks." It's just a very simple tune.

One day, his father surprised him with tickets to the symphony to hear this world-renowned Italian pianist. This man was one of the greatest piano players that had ever lived. That night on the way to their seats, the little boy noticed the beautiful grand piano up on the stage. When no one was watching, he snuck over, sat down and began to play his elementary version of "Chopsticks." About that time, the curtain began to rise. Everyone was expecting to see the world-renowned pianist. Instead, they saw this little five-year-old boy. He was so caught up in his world that he didn't realize what was happening. When he finally looked up, he was petrified.

Just as he was about to take off running toward his seat, he felt two big arms reaching around him from behind. It was the world-renowned pianist. He whispered in the little boy's ears, "Keep playing."

The little boy continued playing that elementary version of "Chopsticks." The world-renowned piano player started playing a Beethoven symphony piece that was scored in the same cadence and the same key. Under the direction of the master, he brought in the rest of the orchestra. First, the woodwinds, then the percussion, then the brass.

The father sat there in the audience with tears. He never dreamed that simple tune that he had heard in his home so many times would no longer sound like "Chopsticks," but it would become a beautifully inspired, fully perfected, Beethoven symphony. What happened? The master stepped in.

Sometimes in life, you may not feel like you have the talent, the strength or the ability, but the good news is that God does. When you use what you have, the Master will show up. God will put His hands over your hands. He will use what you think is very average: average talent, average skills, average education. When the Master steps in, He will mix His super with your average, and amazing things will begin to happen!

"For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure." (Philippians 2:13, ESV)

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