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When Word Are not Enough
By Victoria Osteen - Oct 07, 2016

Have you ever had a time in your life when God does something so amazing that you just stand there and think, "God, I don't even know how to thank you?" Sometimes Words just aren't' enough. You try to find it in yourself to say thank you but you feel seems so much greater that the words you are saying. 

I've found myself in this place, standing in awe of something God did and I think, "I don't have the words to say what I feel." But do you know what God really wants from us? He wants us to be obedient. He said, "If you love Me, you'll obey me." He doesn't just want to hear our words of thanks, He wants to see our actions of obedience because actions really do speak louder than words.

I encourage you today, if you are standing in the place where the words don't seem like they are enough, let your obedience speak for you. There are thousands of ways to show obedience to God and His Word. When we obey Him, blessing always follows. He says whey we obey Him in our finances, He will pour out a blessing that we can't even contain. It says when we show honor to our parents, we live a long life. Go to the scripture and learn about God's promises. Look at what He is asking us to do. Show your love and gratitude by following His commands and watch Him open up the windows of Heaven on your behalf.

"To obey is better than sacrifice." (I Samuel 15:22, NIV)
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