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Your Big Brother
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 03, 2015

There's something wonderful about having a good, big brother. A good, big brother is one who shields you when the bullies come out. He's the one who's got your back and takes up for you. He shows you the ropes in life, so to speak, and helps you get ahead of where you would be on your own.

I have a wonderful big brother and growing up, when he would succeed at something, it would give me confidence. I'd think, if he can do it, I can do it! Even more, we all have a big brother in Jesus! If you feel down and discouraged, read about your big brother, Jesus. Read about how He overcame. You have the same DNA Jesus does. You may think you've come from the wrong family, but if you are born again, you are recreated and have the same DNA as heaven. You can overcome because He overcame!

If Jesus is our brother, we have to know that He is going to shield us. He is going to look out for us. He's going to protect us and show us the ropes. There are a lot of bullies out there, but you need to know that you are not walking the path alone. You need to tell those circumstances, "I may look small, but I've got a big brother!" You need to tell the enemy, "If you mess with me, you mess with my big brother!"

The key is: don't get too far away from your big brother. Stay close to Him. Don't walk too far ahead or get distracted by the things of this world and fall behind. Keep your eyes on Him. Stay close to Him. Learn from Him. Let the world know you have a big brother. And if you fall and get hurt, remember that your big brother is strong enough to carry you.

Today, know that you are covered and you are loved. Stay under the shadow of your big brother and let Him fight your battles for you!

"For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother." (Matthew 12:50, NKJV)

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