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Break Out With a Flood of His Favor
By Joel Osteen - Oct 11, 2013
My friends, Craig and Samantha have a son named Connor. He's a very handsome, fun little boy. Connor has been diagnosed with autism. At five years old, he didn't speak in complete sentences. He would speak phrases here and there, maybe three or four words together, but nothing much more than that. Day after day, Craig and Samantha just kept speaking faith into Connor, telling him that he was more than a conqueror, that he could do all things through Christ. Every night at bedtime, Craig or Samantha would sit down and read two or three books with little Connor. Then they would pray together before they went to bed.

One night, just as Samantha was about to turn off the light in Connor's room, she heard him speaking. He went on and on, so clearly and fluently. She ran and found the video camera and captured his first real complete sentence. Here's what he said: "This is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do…"

What happened? Like a flood, God's favor came on little Connor—a flood of healing, a flood of restoration, a flood of wisdom. Little Connor broke out of his limitations. Now, Craig and Samantha have a new confirmation of God's faithfulness. That's a night that they will never forget. Even though little Connor still doesn't speak perfectly clear, they know he is well on his way. What God started, He will finish.

In this moment, God gave Craig and Samantha something to talk about. They were so excited about it, and they constantly tell people what God has done for little Connor. Whenever they're tempted to be discouraged, all they have to do is put that video in, and they can see the favor of God in their family like a flood.

Today, know that God wants to release a flood of His power in your life. Not a trickle. Not a stream. Not a river. He wants to help you break through to a new level. He wants to give you something to talk about. Get ready for a flood of restoration, a flood of healing, a flood of promotion. Get ready to break out with a flood of His favor in every area of your life!

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