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Be Someone God Can Count On
By Joel Osteen - May 17, 2013
There’s a young lady who had been attending Lakewood for about a year, but she couldn’t get her husband to attend. He wasn’t raised in church, and spiritual things seemed very foreign to him. Not only that, he worked on Sundays, and it was difficult for him to miss because they really needed the income. Every week, she would encourage him. Finally, he agreed to come. He went in very early to work one Sunday and then took off the rest of the day. His friends at work gave him a hard time. They couldn’t believe he was going to miss work and the income he could be earning to attend church.

During the service, they came down front for prayer. It just so happened that my friend Johnny prayed for them. When Johnny was praying, he felt impressed in his heart to give them a gift. He had five $20 bills and eight $1 bills wrapped all together in his front pocket. While he had one hand on the man’s shoulder praying, he put his other hand in his pocket and tried to separate the ones from the twenties. So he’s praying and trying to sort out this money. The couple didn’t know anything about it. Johnny finished praying, but he never did get the cash separated. So he pulled out the whole amount and discreetly put it in the man’s hand and said, "Here, I want to bless you with this."

The couple went back to their seats, sat down and then looked at the money. They couldn’t believe it. They had never met Johnny before, but they found him after service. The young man said, "I took off six hours of work today. This $108 is the exact amount I missed out on."

That couple was so amazed by God. Now they come every single week. But what if Johnny had just ignored that inner prompting? Sure, the couple would have been blessed by the service, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact.

Friend, God is looking for people He can use for His highest purposes, people He can take to amazing new levels. It’s going to be people who are quick to obey, people He doesn’t have to argue with or try to give seven confirmations and twelve lightning bolts before they move. No, God is looking for people who are so sensitive that at the smallest nudge, they move. If God impresses them, "Go here," they go.

"Bless this person."

"No problem. I’ll bless them."

"Change in this area."

"Yes, God, I’ll change."

He’s looking for people He can trust. When God looks down from heaven at you and me, I want Him to say, "I can count on Joel. I can count on Bob. I can count on Maria. I can count on those people at Lakewood. They are sensitive to My voice. They are quick to obey. I can use them to do great and mighty things."

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…" (Luke 16:10, NIV)
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