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A Shift of Favor
By Joel Osteen - Apr 05, 2013
The Israelites had been in slavery for many years, mistreated by their enemies. They were forced to work long hours without the proper rest or food. When they didn’t meet their work quotas, they were beaten. It was very unfair. But one day through a series of events, God supernaturally brought them out of captivity. As they were leaving, the scripture says, "God caused them to have favor with their enemies." Notice, God caused them to have favor. The same people that had oppressed them for years, the same ones who had pushed them down and mistreated them suddenly changed their minds. As the Israelites were leaving the city, their enemies gave them their gold, silver and jewels. What happened? The Israelites came into a shift. Proverbs says that God can turn the heart of a king. We may not be able to change people’s minds, but God can!

Now, you may have people in your life who don’t like you–a boss who is hard to get along with or a family member who is disrespectful. It’s easy to get discouraged and think, "It’s always going to be this way. They’re always going to be against me." No, stay in faith. God has a shift coming. God knows how to cause them to like you. God can cause them to see you in a new light. They may have been against you year after year, but when God shifts things, they’ll go out of their way to be good to you. Instead of hindering you, they’ll help you. Bottom line; God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger and more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around and get you to where you’re supposed to be!
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