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In Remembrance of Him
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 08, 2013
Are you looking for a way to deepen your relationship with your heavenly Father? Do you need to see more of His power operating in your daily life? Here's one thing Jesus commanded that we do as believers:

And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me. (Luke 22:19, NIV)

Did you know that partaking of communion is just as much a spiritual act as it is a physical act? When we commune with Him, we are connecting spiritually with all that He is. When we partake of communion, God imparts His life and virtue into us. He gives us His strength and peace. He pours His supernatural power into our lives. That's why Jesus said, "Do this!" He wants to impart His abundant life into us. He longs to empower us and make us victorious in His name!

Many people miss out on the blessing of communion because they think they can only do it at church. But really, the Bible says that as believers, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We have direct access to our heavenly Father through the blood of Jesus. We can partake of communion anytime from anywhere. You don't have to wait until church on Sunday to partake of communion. You can simply use crackers and grape juice, bread and water, or whatever you have that can symbolize the body and blood of Jesus. It's not the elements that hold the power; it's your faith in Him. It's your obedience to His Word that says, "Do this in remembrance of Me."

Today, I encourage you to take time to commune with your heavenly Father. Humbly open your heart before Him. Forgive others so you can receive forgiveness. Come boldly to His throne of grace and receive whatever you need through communion with Him today!
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