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An Unexpected Link to Your Destiny
By Joel Osteen - Feb 01, 2013
One summer while we were on vacation, I asked the hotel bellman for directions to a certain church in the area that we had heard about and wanted to visit that morning. The bellman was a young man in his early teens, happy-go-lucky, working the weekend shift, and probably not making much more than minimum wage. He said, "The church you want to go to is way too far from here. You'll never get there in time, but there is another church about ten minutes down the road. I think you'll really like it."

I could have thought, "How does he know what I'm going to like? I'm the pastor of a big church. I know what kind of church I'm going to like." But no, we took his suggestion and went to the other church down the road. We ended up meeting the pastor and developing a friendship. It was a divine connection. That pastor introduced me to a publisher that he knew who offered me a contract to write my first book. I wrote that book, and it thrust me into a new level of my destiny. It all started back with that young man at the hotel, parking cars and taking care of the luggage. Yet, it was his input that catapulted me further than I ever imagined.

Friend, you never know who God has ordained to influence your life. Treat every person you encounter with respect no matter how busy you are. Sometimes, it's easy to dismiss people, especially people that we think we'll never see again. We think, "They aren't that important in my life." "He's just parking cars." "She's just answering the phone." Or, we get prideful and think we are more important, "I'm in management. They're in maintenance." "I'm staying at the hotel. They're just working at the hotel." No, the very ones that we dismiss, the ones we think, "Don't bother me. I'm busy," could be the unexpected link that causes you to step into the fullness of your destiny. Don't write people off. Don't judge by the outside and think, "Oh, they don't have anything for me." No, you'll be amazed at who God will use. Stay open. Stay expecting because God can use anybody—even you and me!
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