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You Are Not Limited
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 29, 2013
Have you ever looked at your life and felt stuck in your circumstances? So many people are living limited lives and don't even realize it. They think things like, "That's it. That's all there is. There aren't any other options for me." They limit themselves to what they can see or what they knew growing up. If no one in their family went to college, they think they can't either. They let other people define their limits or allow their resources to define their limits. But the truth is, with God there are no limits.

If you've settled where you are in life, realize that you are not limited by your circumstances, your past, the economy, or what you have been told you can or can't do. You are the only one who sets the limits for your life, and today you can take the limits off by putting your faith and hope in Almighty God!

In Psalm 3, King David said, "O LORD, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me! … But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head." When he wrote this scripture, he was in a very difficult situation. He was actually running for his life from his very own son who wanted to kill him and take over the throne. Can you imagine?! David was probably feeling overwhelmed, distraught, heartbroken, betrayed and abandoned—limited. Do any of these feelings sound familiar? But notice, David didn't just tell the Lord all about his problems. He didn't just sit and think, Looks like it's all over for me. I guess there's no way out. No. David spoke faith when he declared, "But you, God, are a shield around me." David made the choice to take his eyes off his circumstances and set his gaze on what God could do in his life. He was willing to stay open, and when his circumstances didn't give him any options, he knew there was an option he couldn't see. He chose to broaden his thinking to include the unseen, supernatural realm. When he did, he took off all the limits, and God miraculously delivered him.

Today, no matter how things look around you, remember, you are not limited! Follow David's example, and instead of telling God about what's happening in the natural, take the limits off by declaring His Word over your life. Circumstances may be tough, but you are not limited because God is working behind the scenes on your behalf.
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