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A Thousand Times Before
By Joel Osteen - Jan 18, 2013
When we were trying to acquire the former Compaq Center, it was a three-and-a-half year battle. All kinds of obstacles came against us. At times, in the natural, it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. But instead of worrying about it or letting negative thoughts take root, all through the day I would envision the Compaq Center as being ours. In my imagination I could see the Lakewood sign out front. I could see myself on the platform ministering. I could see the crowd long before they got here. Many times at night, Victoria and I would drive up to the building. If nothing was going on we would get out and walk around and pray and believe and dream. That image was becoming engrained in our thinking. The more we saw it, the more it encouraged our faith. In my imagination I could already see the Mayor handing us the keys. I could already see the confetti falling during the Groundbreaking Service. I could already see it full of thousands of victorious believers!

For three and a half years we kept that image in front of us. On December 1, 2003 when the Mayor handed us the key it was just like I had seen it before. On December 13, when the confetti fell on the Groundbreaking Services, it was just like I had seen it before. In 2005, the week of the Grand Opening, a reporter asked me what it was going to be like to stand up and minister here for the first time. I didn’t say it but I thought to myself, “I’ve ministered in this building thousands of times before!”

Friends, the point I’m making is that you’ve got to see what you are believing for on the inside of you before it takes place the outside. Have you seen yourself accomplishing your dreams? Graduating from college? Have you seen yourself healthy, whole? Free from addictions? Free from any kind of sicknesses? Start getting a vision for it and when it comes to pass it will be just like it’s happened a thousand times before!

 “…Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." (John 20:29, NIV)
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