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The Perfect Gift
By Victoria Osteen - Dec 25, 2012
We all have someone on our Christmas list that we would consider difficult to shop for. But because we love them, we set out to find the perfect gift—something unique and unexpected, something you know they will just love!

My friend was telling me how difficult it is to shop for her husband. So, she decided at the beginning of the year to pay close attention and keep a list in her smart phone of anything he said he'd like to have during their conversations throughout the year. When Christmastime came, she was so excited because she found something he'd been wanting for a long time. He hadn't mentioned it for a while, so she knew she had this Christmas in the bag…until two days before Christmas. While she was sitting at her kitchen table, her husband walked in from work just a little bit early. She was surprised to see him and even more surprised to see what he had in his arms—the very item that she had purchased for his gift. "Look what I finally got around to picking up!" he said enthusiastically. Suddenly, the perfect gift wasn't so perfect anymore.

Maybe you've had a Christmas surprise that was spoiled, or you gave a gift that wasn't received with the same enthusiasm you had about it. The truth is that there really is only one perfect gift—the gift of God's precious Son, Jesus Christ, given to us so that we can have everlasting, abundant life. He is the gift that keeps on giving. He keeps giving us His joy, His peace, His love, His grace and all of His wonderful blessings!

As you exchange gifts this year, keep your focus on the one gift that matters most, the Perfect Gift, our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Joel and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! May you enjoy the blessing of the season in a special way as the Lord reveals His everlasting love.
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