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God Has Another Door
By Joel Osteen - Dec 14, 2012
A few years after Victoria and I were married, we found this house that we really wanted to buy. It was on a beautiful corner lot with nice trees and a swimming pool in the backyard. We just knew that was supposed to be our house. We made the people a very good offer close to the asking price. Week after week went by and we didn't hear anything. The house wasn't occupied. So every day Victoria and I would go out to that house, and we would march around it, and pray, and believe, quote scripture, sing, shout, and do everything we could think of. We wanted that house so badly!

Finally, the realtor called back and said the owners did not accept our offer. It was too low. So we raised our offer. Now we were just a few thousand dollars from what they wanted. Again, week after week went by. At one point, Victoria and I went on a vacation that we had already planned, but the whole time, all we could do was think about that house. We were consumed by it and became uptight and stressed out about it. We couldn't really even enjoy our vacation because we were so caught up in having that house.

One day when I was so stressed about it, I heard God say something to my heart. He said, "Joel, do you still want the house even if I have something better in store?" Right then and there, I released that house in my heart. I said, "God, we don't have to have this house to be happy. We know that You know what's best for us, and we're not going to live another minute frustrated and upset, missing the joy of the moment." We released it. We said, "God, not our will, but let Your will be done."

Well, that property was sold to somebody else eventually. But here's what I've learned; when one door closes, when it seems like a disappointment, really, that's just another step in the process of God taking us to our divine destiny. God takes us through detours. He doesn't always lead us the easiest way or the way we expect. There's a tremendous freedom when you give up control and refuse to get frustrated because things are not happening on your timetable. When you say, "God, I'm trusting You. My future is in Your hands. I'm going to hold on to my dreams. I'm going to hold on to my promises. But I'm going to let go of the frustration. I'm not going to get aggravated because it's not happening on my timetable. I'm not going to fight against everything that doesn't work out. God, I believe You are directing every one of my steps," that's when God will open doors for you.

Sure enough, a few months later, we bought a different home that wasn't as nice. It didn't have the features we were looking for. In fact, it was old and sort of run down, but we ended up selling that house for twice what we paid for it!

Friend, God knows what He's doing. He knows what's best for us. Don't get frustrated when one door closes. God always has another door. Keep praying, keep hoping, keep believing and keep yielding your dreams to Him because He will order your steps into the life of blessing He has prepared for you!
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in his way." (Psalm 37:23, NKJV)
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