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Stand for Your Family
By Victoria Osteen - Nov 13, 2012
Every month at Lakewood Church, we have a special time to pray for families and dedicate them to the Lord. We know that prayer makes a difference. God has given us the power of prayer as a tool to stand strong in the midst of the battle for our families.

Scripture tells us that we need to be aware of what the enemy is after, and we have to understand that he is after families. He is after marriages. He knows that if he can bring down families, he can bring down generations. He wants to tear up marriages and drive a wedge between parents and children because he knows that there is power in unity. There is blessing in unity. God designed family to be a source of strength for us. Family is the foundation of everything we are. I'm so glad that God who is in us is greater than the enemy who is against us! We have the power and authority given by God to stand and fight the good fight of faith for our families! But, we have to use it. We have to exercise that power and authority through prayer.

If your family isn't around, God wants to give you a spiritual family to be that encouragement, strength and support. I love what it says in Psalm 68 that God places the solitary in families. He doesn't want you to be alone because there truly is safety in numbers. There is blessing in unity and strength in families!

Today, stand strong on behalf of your family. Fight the good fight of faith through prayer. You may have some strained relationships, but I believe God can turn those situations around. He can restore marriages; He can bring children home; He can bring peace and unity where there's been strife and division. God is a big God. Even when you can't see it, He's working behind the scenes on your behalf. You may have been waiting a long time, but don't give up! Keep pressing through until you see that promise come to pass. God is faithful, and you are going to make it. I declare by faith that you will see every one of His promises fulfilled in your family in Jesus' name!
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