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See Beyond Where You Are
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 02, 2018
Did you know that where you are right now is not your final destination? If you're going to see the fullness of God's promises in your life, you have to develop the ability to see beyond where you are right now. God has amazing things in store for you, but your eyes have to be lifted up to see Him and what He is doing.

In Genesis 13, Abraham was determined to keep strife out of their family, so he gave his nephew Lot the first choice of dwelling places because the land was not able to support both of their large flocks and herds. As the patriarch, Abraham had the right to decide, but he left the whole matter in God's hands. Before them stretched the plain of Jordan, which was well watered and filled with lush vegetation "like the garden of the Lord." This fertile plain was set against the Judean wilderness with its meager pastures and lots of dust and dirt and stones. Of course, Lot picked the plain of Jordan, leaving Abraham with the adversity of life in the high country.

It's interesting that right after Lot's decision, the Lord said to Abraham, "Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are" (Genesis 13:14). He was saying, "Abraham, lift your eyes and look beyond the dirt and dus, because it's not your destination. You will be a great nation. People will be blessed all over the earth because of you. Get a vision of what I've called you to accomplish. It will only be accomplished by lifted eyes."

God is declaring great things over you today, but you have to make a choice similar to Abraham: "Am I going to look at my circumstances and get stuck, or am I going to believe that on the other side of my circumstances, God has greater things in store for me?" God is saying, "Don't get comfortable. I made you for more." Don't get stuck in your circumstances, but realize that beyond what you see are greater heights, greater victories, greater strength and greater anointing. The only way you're going to find the greater things is to look up. Through all the twists and turns of Abraham's life, when he looked up, God was always there. So remember, you're also on a journey. The theme of the journey is: "Lift up your eyes. Don't get stuck. Don't look down."
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