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You're in the Driver's Seat!
By Victoria Osteen - Oct 09, 2012
I can remember being a teenage girl and finally getting the keys to the family car. When my father handed me those keys for the first time, I felt so important. I knew I had earned my father's trust. Those keys, though very small, represented power and new found freedom. Those keys gave me options that I didn't have previously. Those little keys literally put me in the driver's seat of life!

Well today, your heavenly Father has given you some keys, too. Scripture tells us that He has given us the keys to the kingdom. That means He's given us access to His principles. He's given us authority; He's given us permission. He's placed His trust in us. The problem is that many people have those keys in their hand. They say, "Yes, I have the keys! God is good; He wants to bless me. He is faithful. He loves me!" However, they haven't started the engine yet. They haven't activated His power. They haven't put the car in gear by faith, and then they wonder why they aren't going anywhere in life.

Today, if that's you, take those keys and turn on the power of God by declaring His Word over your life. Put gas in your car, so to speak, by praising and thanking Him all throughout the day. Put your car in gear and steer clear of strife and division. Stay on the path He's laid out before you by following His commands. Remember, you have the keys, you have the authority, and you are in the driver's seat. So keep moving forward on the road of blessing and victory He has for you today!

"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…" (Matthew 16:19, NIV)
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