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Thank God for Generational Blessings!
By Joel Osteen - Aug 03, 2012
We can all look back through our family lines and see how our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and others in our family history have affected our lives. Sometimes people see negative things that have been passed down, but the blessing of God is passed down as well. In fact, Exodus 20:6 says that He shows love and mercy to a thousand generations of those who obey Him. Maybe you don't know anyone in your recent family history who was dedicated to the Lord, but do you think someone in your history a thousand generations back may have been?

When we walk into divine blessing and God gives us something we don't deserve, we have to realize that sometimes it's because somebody in our family line sowed those seeds. Every act of kindness, every time one of your relatives sacrificed and honored God, they set you up for success. They may not have reaped a reward in their lifetime, but God is faithful. He doesn't forget about it.

In my own life, I realize that the reason I am doing what I am doing today is because my parents sowed seeds for 40 years before I ever got here. I'm reaping the rewards of a generational blessing. My father went to school with holes in his pants. He would put cardboard in the bottom of his shoes because they were so torn up. They made great sacrifices so that we could be where we are today. One way I can honor them is by wearing my blessings well—by thanking God for His faithfulness and fulfilling what has been handed down to me.

In the same way, you have the opportunity to honor the generations that came before you by walking in the blessing that has been passed down. So many people only focus on the negative things that have been passed down, but that doesn't glorify God. That doesn't set your future generations up for success. Let today be the day that you decide to receive those generational blessings and thank God for them. Don't let others talk you out of living the abundant life. Some people come in at the end of the movie and see you blessed, prosperous, healthy, sober, free and happy and want to judge and criticize you, but the problem is that they missed the first part. They didn't see the sacrifices that your relatives made. They didn't see the struggles that you endured. They didn't see the battles that you fought, the times you felt like giving up, but you kept pressing forward. They didn't see the price that was paid to get you to where you are. That blessing may look free, but the truth is, it cost something.

Friend, don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty for the favor, the honor, the joy, the peace, the victory that God has given you. Somebody paid the price. Seeds were sown. Receive the blessing by faith and thank God for His faithfulness throughout your generations!
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