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Do You Have Pin-sized Vision?
By Joel Osteen - Jun 22, 2012
Years ago, Victoria and I found two acres of property that we really wanted to buy so we could build a house on it. It was a beautiful, desirable piece of property close to the city. God has blessed us through our books and other avenues, so it was in our budget. We follow God’s principles with finances; we tithe, sow seed, and we’ve always made good investments through the years. But, I was praying and debating with myself about whether or not we should buy this property. I thought, “You know what? We don’t really need two acres to live on. We’re fine where we are.” But down deep inside I wanted it. It was a desire of my heart, but I kind of felt guilty, like it was more than we needed.

One day, I was on an airplane 35,000 feet up in the air. It was a clear, beautiful day, and I was sitting by the window looking out toward the ground. I sensed God speaking something to my heart. He said, “Joel, you wonder if it’s okay to buy that property. What do you think those two acres look like to Me? What do you think it looks like from My point of view, from My perspective?” Well, from where I was 35,000 feet in the air, two acres looked like a little dot, just like you took your pen and touched the earth. It was nothing. I felt God say, “Joel, I give you permission. It’s okay to have enough land the size of a pinhead to Me.”

It’s funny how things that seem so grand, so far out, or so overwhelming to us are like the size of a pin to God. Even with our best efforts, our thoughts are so small and limited compared to His vastness. We have to remember that God created it all. Scripture says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Why don’t you be bold today and enlarge your vision? As long as you keep God first place, as long as you are living in obedience to Him, then God wants to give you the desires of your heart. He takes pleasure in prospering His children.

Remember, the blessing is for a purpose. God wants to bless you because He loves you, but He also wants to use you to be a blessing to other people. Always look for ways to invest in the lives around you. People are what matter most to God. Let your prayer be, “God, bless me so I can be a blessing to others.” Increase your vision because you can never dream too big for God. He wants to amaze you with His goodness and overwhelm you with His love today!
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