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In the Midst of Life’s Challenges
By Joel Osteen - May 25, 2012
All through the scripture, there are examples of people who were in great need, but then the favor of God turned it around. For example, in Genesis 6, Noah was facing the greatest challenge of his life. The Earth was about to be destroyed with the flood. Things looked impossible, but scripture says, "Noah found favor in the sight of God." He was able to build that ark and save his family. The book of Ruth tells us how Ruth had just gone through the loss of her husband, a great disappointment. She was living in another city, barely making it financially. But Ruth found favor with a man named Boaz. He was very wealthy. They ended up getting married. Ruth went on to live a life of abundance and happiness. In Genesis 37, Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery, but Joseph found favor everywhere he went. He went through ups and downs, but he ultimately found favor with Pharaoh and was put in charge over all of Egypt.

In each of these cases, the favor of God came in the midst of life's challenges. It came in a flood, in a famine, and when someone was being mistreated. When you're in the tough times of life like Joseph, when something unfair is happening, or like Ruth, you're having difficulties in your finances, or like Noah, the whole world is falling apart, don't get depressed. Don't start complaining and don't get all worried. More than ever, cry out to your heavenly Father. Just say, "Father, I want to thank You that Your gracious hand is upon me. Lord, I may not see a way, but I know You have a way." When you call out to Him, He hears you. When you receive His love, it empowers you. When you focus on His goodness and favor, it rests upon you. It will keep your enemies from defeating you. During the difficult times, remember God has placed something on you that will cause you to be the victor and never the victim! Declare that He is Lord, declare that He is good, and declare His peace and favor in your times of need!
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