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Open the Door for Honor
By Victoria Osteen - May 08, 2012
All throughout scripture, we see that God's system operates on the principle of sowing and reaping. The seeds we sow are our words, thoughts and actions. The Bible talks about sowing to the flesh and sowing to the Spirit. In other words, we can sow the Word of God and reap spiritual blessing, or we can sow our own desires which can lead us down the wrong path. Always remember that everything in your life today is a direct result of the seed you've sown in the past, and every seed you are sowing today will produce a harvest in your future. Understanding this principle will greatly impact your life and especially your relationships!

One of greatest seeds you can sow into your relationships is the seed of honor. Honor is a major key to enriching your relationships and opens the door for God's honor and blessing in your own life in return. In fact, the first commandment in the Bible that carries a promise is to honor your parents so that you can have a long, happy life.

Honor can be displayed in many ways, but at its most basic level, honor treats others with respect or gives them special recognition. Showing honor is a choice, and we need to look for opportunities to honor the people in our lives. We can honor people by recognizing their accomplishments and abilities. You can honor people by simply acknowledging and esteeming them for who they are. You can also show honor and respect through small acts of kindness. Find out what makes the people in your life feel special. You don't have to plan some major surprise that takes weeks of organizing in order to really make an impact. It's great if you are able to pull off something outlandish, but I've found that small acts of kindness on a regular basis often have just as much, or even more, impact.

For example, Joel knows that I love one cup of coffee every morning. Although he doesn't drink coffee, he knows I love it, and so he takes time to make it for me every day—and quite often he even brings it to me in bed! Usually, Joel gets up earlier than I do, and when I go into the kitchen and see my coffee already made, that lets me know that Joel was thinking about me. It tells me that when he got up, I was on his mind. Making the coffee doesn't take him two minutes. It's not hard; it's not expensive; yet, it lets me know that he values and honors me. That small act of kindness draws us closer together.

What can you do to show honor to the people in your life today? Can you affirm someone's talents? Can you honor them with your words? Can you show them acts of kindness? I encourage you today to go out of your way to show respect and love. Remember, little things do mean a lot. Find ways to honor others because when you do, you leave a lasting impression on their hearts and open the door for God to honor you!

"Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." (Romans 12:10, NIV)
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