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Make Room
By Victoria Osteen - Mar 20, 2012
Have you ever stepped out to pursue a dream in your heart and then became overwhelmed by it, wondering if you were equipped or qualified to pull it off? Most everyone has been there. In fact, many of the great men and women of the Bible struggled with the same issue.

For example, so often when people think of Moses, they remember him as the great spiritual giant who led the Israelites out of captivity, but did you know that Moses doubted himself? He didn't feel equipped all the time. In fact, he was self-conscious because he had a stuttering problem. But God simply said to him, "Moses, what do you have in your hand?" In the next few moments, God showed Moses that it didn't matter what he thought he needed; the God of the universe had already equipped him with everything he needed to accomplish his destiny.

Today, the same is true for you. God will place in your hand whatever you need in order to fulfill your purpose in this life. The challenge most people face is that they have the tendency to hold on to things that God never intended for them to hold on to. When your hands are full of other things, it's difficult to embrace what God has for you.

People fill their hands with lots of good things; they take on noteworthy obligations and fill their arms with impressive accomplishments. But "good" can be the enemy of "best." That's why we have to constantly evaluate what's in our hands and be willing to let go of some things so we can take hold of what God has for us.

Today, are you holding on to something that know you need to let go of in order to make room for what God is trying to do in your life? Is your schedule overloaded? Are you clinging to a relationship that you know is destructive? Are your thoughts consumed with a situation from your past? You might even be holding on to something good, but good things can also keep our hands too full to embrace God's very best. I encourage you to take some time and evaluate what you have in your hands. Be willing to let go of anything that is keeping you from God's best. Make room for what He has for you, knowing that He is ready to bless you and equip you to fulfill the destiny He has placed in your heart.

"The LORD said to [Moses], 'What is that in your hand?'" (Exodus 4:2, NIV).
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