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Bible 360
By Joel Osteen - Feb 14, 2012
If you watch our weekly program, you've noticed that at the beginning of each service, we raise our Bibles and declare, "This is my Bible, I have what it says I have; I can do what is says I can do…" If there's one thing I've learned about God's Word, it's that you cannot expect to receive the good things of God if you don't know about them.

At a very early age, I developed a habit of reading my Bible every day. As a kid, I remember so many mornings watching my dad at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and an open Bible. He'd take a big sip of hot coffee and let out a big "Ahhhhhh." Sometimes his eyes never left His Bible, and sometimes he'd look over at me and grin.

Today, there are so many great ways to read and study God's Word. I'm amazed at how many people hold up their iPads and phones when we say, "This is my Bible…" in church. Technology has made it easier to carry God's Word with us everywhere we go, and it has made studying the Bible more productive, even fun.

I have an app on my phone called Bible360 that my friends Mark Burnett and Roma Downey told me about. With apps like Bible 360, you can find scriptures quicker and easier, cross-reference different translations, and learn more about biblical history. You can even take virtual tours of ancient places or go where Jesus walked and taught. You may find that when you have a great Bible app or find an interesting Bible study website, you begin to look forward to reading your Bible more or studying things that you have always wondered about.

I encourage you to make reading your Bible a habit. Set aside at least 10 minutes every morning to read and study God's Word. When you do this, you'll grow in the things of God, discover His plan for your life, and live the victorious life that He means for you to live.
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