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Back the Truck Up
By Joel Osteen - Dec 30, 2011
As 2011 comes to a close, as you reflect on the events of the past year and look forward to a new beginning in 2012, I want to remind you that we serve the All-Powerful, Almighty, Omniscient Creator of the universe. He is a God of increase, a God of blessing, a God who takes us from glory to Glory. That means no matter what happened in 2011, don't start 2012 with a just-get-by mentality. Don't look for "good enough," look for "more than enough!" Our God is able and our God is willing. He loves you with an everlasting love. As you increase your capacity to receive from Him, He will meet your expectation and fill you to overflowing.

In his new book, Relentless: The Power You Need to Never Give Up, John Bevere tells the following story:

"Imagine that a severe famine hits a particular area of the world. However, a very generous and charitable nation in another part of the globe sends its military to the troubled area with barges and cargo planes filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, meat and fresh water. The military general releases a statement to the citizens of the impoverished land: 'We are able to give you as much food as you can carry away.' The first guy comes with a picnic basket and carries away a couple of days worth of food for two people. The next guy comes with a large sack and carries away enough food to feed his family for five days. However, the third guy shows up with a huge pickup truck and carries away enough food to last his family and several hungry neighbors for the next month.

The guy with the picnic basket sees the pickup truck driving past his home with more than a ton of food in the bed of the truck. "Perturbed" doesn't describe his demeanor; he's irate! He complains to the neighbors and anyone else who will listen, and finally his complaints reach the ear of the general. The general summons him and reminds him, 'We told you we were able to give you as much food as you could carry away. Why did you come with such a small container? Why didn't you come with a larger container? Why didn't you back up your pickup truck into our outpost?'"

Friend, it's the same with God. He is able, but how much are we willing to receive? Jesus said in scripture over and over again, "According to your faith, be it unto you." Our belief, our faith in God is our container to receive from Him. If you want a bigger spiritual container, Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. That's why it's so important to read, meditate on and study the Word of God every single day. The more of His Word you store in your heart, the more faith will come out of it, and the greater your capacity to receive will be.

Victoria and I want to thank you so much for your faithful partnership in 2011. We are filled with hope and anticipation of what God has for all of us in 2012. We pray peace, joy and blessing on you, your loved ones and your family. May the New Year be a new beginning of increase for you in every area of your life!
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