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What's at the Top of Your List?
By Joel Osteen - Dec 09, 2011
Around the holidays, it's amazing how people's priorities and to-do lists change. People pack their schedules with parties, planning and presents. If we're not careful, the things that matter most can wind up on the bottom of list. But if we are going to be our best, if we are going to keep growing and moving forward in this life, we have to keep God as the top priority of the list every single day!

Years ago during the last few months of my father's life, he was on dialysis. Three times a week for four hours a day, he would go to the clinic to have his blood cleansed. There were plenty of times that he didn't feel like going. He was tired. He was busy. He wanted to do something else. But it didn't matter, he went anyway. Why? Because his life depended on it. It simply wasn't an option. My father loved to travel all over the world, but when he started dialysis, he had to change his plans and rearrange his priorities.

Friend, that's the way we need to be about seeking God. When things get busy, when the children need you, when it's hectic at the office, when you have a thousand things to do, that's when you have to put your foot down and say, "No, this is not an option. If I'm going to be strong, if I'm going to be productive today, if I'm going to have God's favor, then I've got to rearrange some priorities so I can spend time with God."

You may have to get up earlier before the children need you, before the email goes off, before the phone starts ringing. But remember, you draw strength, encouragement and wisdom when you're in God's presence. That's what keeps your life fresh. That's what keeps you moving forward. Today and every day, make sure that spending time with God is on the top of your list!

"If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction" (Psalm 119:92, NIV).
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