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Handfuls on Purpose
By Joel Osteen - Oct 28, 2011
Scripture talks about a woman named Ruth. She had been through a lot of heartache and pain. Her husband had been killed in a battle. Now her mother-in-law, Naomi, was moving away to a different city. Ruth decided to go with her and help take care of her. During all of this, there was a great famine in the land, and they hardly had anything to eat. Every morning, Ruth would go out into the fields and follow behind the reapers that were gleaning the wheat. She would pick up the leftover wheat that had fallen behind on the ground, and that's how she and Naomi were surviving.

One day the owner of the field, a wealthy man named Boaz, came into town to check on his field. It just so happened that he saw Ruth out there and she caught his attention. He asked his workers, "Who is that new, young girl?" They said, "That's Ruth. She's a widow and just moved here. She goes behind us every day and picks up the leftover wheat." Boaz said to his workers, "Here's what I want you to do; drop handfuls of wheat on purpose for Ruth."

I love the fact that Ruth was just minding her own business, being her best, being faithful. She was focused on meeting the needs of someone else, and she was blessed in return. One day, all of the sudden, she started seeing excess wheat lying in front of her. Think about it. Suddenly, she doesn't have to struggle anymore. Suddenly, she doesn't have to search the field trying to find the leftovers. All she has to do is step and what she needs is in her path. Suddenly, she goes home with four or five times what she normally would collect. Naomi asks, "Ruth, how in the world did you get all that wheat today?" I can see Ruth scratching her head. She says, "I don't know. I just stumbled into it. Normally, I get the leftovers and scraps, but for some reason, the workers started leaving all this wheat right in my path!"

Today, I want you to know that God has dropped "handfuls on purpose" for you, too. In your future, God has already dropped favor, promotion and health. He's dropped wisdom, good breaks and divine connections. They're out in front of you just waiting for you to come along. Don't believe those lies telling you there is nothing good in store; you'll never accomplish your dreams. No, if God were to pull back the curtain and allow you to see what He's already lined up; the breaks, the people, the favor, the things He's already released into your future, you wouldn't worry again. You wouldn't be discouraged. You would be excited about your future. You would live with expectancy knowing that at any moment, you could come across one of those handfuls on purpose! (See Ruth 1).
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