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When the Odds Are Against You
By Joel Osteen - Jul 29, 2011
In the Bible, God promised Abraham that he would have a son. In the natural, it was impossible. Both he and his wife Sarah were well beyond the childbearing years, nearly 100 years old. But it says in Romans 4:20 that Abraham did not waver in his faith, but he was fully convinced that God would do what He had promised.

Notice it says "he did not waver." That doesn't mean he never had a doubt or never had a moment of unbelief. I'm sure he did. He was human. Just like us, there were probably times when he thought, "This is never going to happen. I'm too old. It's been too long. I must have heard God wrong." We know from scripture that he even tried to "help" God out and had a baby through Sarah's assistant, Hagar. He made a mistake. I'm sure he got discouraged. I'm sure there were times that he felt like giving up, but he never did that. He didn't allow that seed of unbelief to take root and become permanent. He always came back to the place of faith. He had the attitude that says, "I know God has put this promise in my heart. It may not be possible in the natural, but I know I serve a supernatural God. He can do what men cannot do."

How did Abraham have this unwavering faith when all the odds were against him? Everyone knows you can't have a baby at 100 years old. I'm sure he was the talk of the town. I can see him walking to the grocery store and people snickering and saying, "There's that crazy man. He thinks he's going to have a baby! His elevator doesn't go all the way up." He had to deal with those negative voices coming against him. He had to struggle with his own discouraging thoughts. How did he stay strong in faith? I can see how he could have maybe a glimmer of hope, but it says that he was fully persuaded. What was his secret? It's found in Romans 4:19 which says, "He did not consider the weakness of his own body nor the deadness of Sarah's womb." It wasn't long before God gave them a son and fulfilled every promise to Abraham.

Today, if you feel like the odds are against you, instead of considering your circumstances, consider your God! He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ever ask, think or imagine. His plans are for your good, and He can make a way where there seems to be no way. Look to Him, trust Him, hold fast to what He's placed in your heart because He is working behind the scenes. Just like Abraham, you'll see every dream and desire fulfilled to the glory of God!
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