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Tapping into Your Influence
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 11, 2011
Many people today think that in order to be influential, you have to have a powerful position, a large amount of money or your own TV show. But the truth is influence isn't at all about a social position, a title or a degree. In God's eyes, influence is about your heart condition. When you have a heart of excellence, a heart that goes above and beyond to do what is right, people take notice, and it affects them. Most importantly, God takes notice. That's the kind of heart God can bless and promote. That's the kind of influence He will multiply.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is about a young girl named Esther. Esther wasn't born into privilege. In fact, she was orphaned as a young girl and seemed to have little hope for significance. But her attitude of excellence and her belief that she had a purpose greater than herself is what made all the difference. She was a steward of her influence, careful about the choices she made, and God entrusted her with tremendous favor. Because of God's favor on her life, she was positioned as queen, and she ultimately used her influence to save her entire nation from annihilation!

Today, God wants to crown you with His favor just like He crowned Esther. He wants to position you in places that you never dreamed possible. But it all starts with you being a good steward of your influence and mindful of the example you are setting for others. Don't let the world around you influence your choices and standards; instead, you be the leader and set the standard. God has equipped you with power to overcome in every area of this life. He has deposited His wisdom in you, and He is ordering and directing your steps. As you approach life with a heart of excellence and focus on living your best, you are tapping into your influence. God will multiply you and use you in ways you never imagined! Believe it today because His hand of blessing is upon your life to accomplish everything He's placed in your heart.

I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you (Leviticus 26:9, NIV).
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