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Helping Others Win
By Joel Osteen - May 20, 2011
In 1936, the Olympic Games were held in Berlin, Germany. Hitler's influence could be felt so strongly; he didn't want any black people to compete much less win. There was a young American sprinter there by the name of Jesse Owens. Jesse was black. He had already won three Gold Medals, and now he was attempting his fourth Gold Medal by competing in the running long jump. Jesse told how the crowd was very much against him. He could feel their hostility so much that he began to lose focus. On his first attempt, he crossed the line and faulted. Second attempt, he crossed the line and faulted again. One more fault and he would be disqualified. This was very much out of character for Jesse, but the crowd was getting to him. They were jeering at him and shouting against him, and it was rattling him.

Jesse's main competitor was a tall German athlete named Luz Long. Luz Long hadn't ever met Jesse, but he could see he was all shaken up. In front of tens of thousands of people, this hometown favorite, Luz Long did the unthinkable. He went over and put his arm around Jesse Owens and began to give him advice. He said, "Jesse, the qualifying distance is only 23 feet. You've jumped 26 feet many times before. Just move your starting mark back three inches, that way you'll make sure to not cross the line and be disqualified."

Jesse took his advice, and on the next jump, he qualified. Jesse went on to break the world record and win his fourth Gold Medal. Jesse Owens said later, "You can melt down all the gold from those medals and it will not compare to the value of the friendship I have found in Luz Long." See, Luz Long knew there was something greater than just winning a medal. He could win a friend for life.

I've heard it said, "No one stands taller on their climb for success than when he bends down to help somebody else." If you will live unselfishly and be willing to give advice like Luz Long, even if that means somebody is going to pass you up, let me tell you, you will always have God's blessings! When you are a dream releaser, God will make sure your dreams come to pass. I've found the greatest legacy is not what we leave for people, but what we leave in people. Deposit strength in others; deposit hope in others. Be an encourager and help unlock their dreams. Remember, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. You'll have the strength, hope and courage you need to see every dream in your heart come to pass!

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves (Romans 12:10, NIV).
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