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Wake Up the Word!
By Joel Osteen - May 13, 2011
One time, Jesus and the disciples were out in a large boat crossing the Sea of Galilee. A great storm arose and the winds were blowing while the waves were crashing. It got so bad they thought the boat was going to capsize. The disciples were upset and very afraid. But Jesus was down below deck asleep and unaware of what was happening. One of them finally said, "Somebody go wake up Jesus or we're all going to die!" When Jesus got up, He simply spoke to the storm, and immediately, everything calmed down.

There so much we can learn from this story. The first chapter of John describes Jesus as "the Word of God made flesh." In the midst of their storm, the disciples simply woke up "the Word." You and I need to do the same thing whenever we face storms in life. Instead of worrying, complaining or trying to figure everything out on your own, go to the Word and start speaking peace and victory.

In a storm, you can't be passive. If the disciples would have waited much longer, they might not have fulfilled their destiny. In the same way, you can't just sit back and let negative thoughts play in your mind all day long. One thing I've learned is that if you don't talk to your storm; the storm will start talking to you. It will tell you, "You're not going to make it. The enemy is too big. You're never going to get well." No, wake up the Word in your life! Because when you start declaring, "Father, You said when the enemy comes against me like a flood You would raise up a barrier. You said that You are my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? You said that I will live and not die," then all of heaven comes to attention! The angels go to work. Favor is released. Order is restored. Peace is renewed. Your storm will be calmed so that you can move forward in peace toward the destiny God has prepared for you!
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