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The Eye of the Storm
By Joel Osteen - Mar 18, 2011
Here in Houston, we get some pretty big storms from out of the gulf. I've been through several hurricanes, some of them as large as 80 or 90 miles wide with the winds blowing up to 120 mph knocking down trees, telephone poles, blowing off roofs, and creating all kinds of damage. But do you know that right in the center of those storms there is something called the eye? In the eye of the storm it's just as calm and peaceful as can be. The winds, the rain, the damage, it can be all around you. If you went out a few miles it could be dangerous but if you stay in the eye, everything will be okay. This same principle applies in the storms of life. The storm may be raging in your health, your finances, or in your family. You could easily be torn apart but right in the center of that storm there is a place you can enter into where you can find rest. God may not deliver us from every storm of life but if we can learn to stay in the eye, we can have peace right in the middle of it.

Maybe you are facing a major challenge today and you've been constantly wrestling with that problem. You're so worried you can't really even sleep well at night. Maybe you're trying to fix someone or trying to pay someone back for a wrong they did, or you're working so hard trying to pray long enough to show God you mean business. You may be all wrought up but the Scripture says, "Those who have believed enter in to the rest of God." If you want God to take care of that problem for you, you've got to come back to that place of peace. When you are at peace, it shows that you are really believing God.

Today, I encourage you to enter in to the rest of God. Begin to declare by faith, "God I trust You in my circumstances. I trust that You are ordering my steps. I trust that You will keep me in all my ways. Thank You, Father for opening doors of blessing, increase, and favor." As you keep your mind stayed on Him, He will keep you in perfect peace. Even when the storms of life surround you, you will be safe and find peace as you rest in the eye of the storm.

To the people of Japan, your families and loved ones:

Victoria and I want you to know that our hearts are with you. We pray you find comfort in Psalm 9:9 which says, "The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble." And Psalm 34:18, "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those who are crushed in spirit." May God give you peace, strength, and wisdom as you begin your recovery efforts.
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