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God Always Has the Final Say
By Joel Osteen - Feb 25, 2011

Not long ago, I was reading this story about a lady who was losing her house. She had gotten laid off and couldn't afford the payments anymore. Unfortunately, her home went into foreclosure. The bank took it over and was going to auction it off. This lady had already accepted the fact that this chapter in her life was over. She was doing her best to deal with it, but was so heartbroken. She was a single-parent mom, and this house was where she had raised her children. She wanted to get some sort of closure and decided to go to the auction where the bank was selling off her home and several others.

When she saw her home on the auction docket, she couldn't help but weep and weep. A lady across the room saw that she was upset and walked over and asked her what was wrong. She explained how she was losing her home. The lady asked which home it was. When the bidding started, the lady, her new friend, started bidding on it. She went after it aggressively and ended up winning the bid. She turned to this lady and said, "I came here to buy my son a home, but now I know that God sent me here to buy your home and give it back to you." She handed her the papers right there.

Maybe you're facing a situation today like this lady. Maybe things look hopeless and dark. Maybe you've been standing on His promises for a long time, hoping, praying, and believing that your situation will turn around. Today, be encouraged because you never know the surprises God has in store for your future! It may look like it's over, but the good news is that God always has the final say. It's not over until God says it's over! Let that sink down into your spirit and renew your hope for the future. God is faithful, and when you put your hope in Him, you will never be disappointed. Keep standing, keep believing and keep hoping because this is your season, and it's your time to walk in the fullness of God's blessing!

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