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The Sound of Abundance
By Joel Osteen - Jan 28, 2011

One time in Scripture, there was a drought in the land for three and a half years. It was very difficult on the people. They struggled to get food and water. One day the prophet Elijah said to Ahab, "I hear the sound of the abundance of rain." It's interesting because when Elijah said this, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was just as clear and hot and dry as it had always been; no sign of any rain. Yet Elijah sensed in his spirit that something was coming. He sensed that rain was on the way. He was bold enough to announce it, and I like the way he did. He said in 1 Kings 18, "Ahab, go enjoy a good meal. I hear a mighty rainstorm coming."

Maybe you feel like you've been in a drought for a long time, but just like Elijah, do you know what I hear in my spirit? The sound of abundance. I hear the sound of things changing in your favor. I hear the sound of relationships being restored, the sound of breakthroughs in health, in finances. My message to you today is very simple. Go enjoy a good meal because I believe you are going to see His promises come to pass. I believe God is going to surprise you with His favor. It may get darker in the world, but that's okay. For you and me, God's people, it's going to get brighter and brighter.

When Elijah gave Ahab this message, it was up to Ahab to decide what he wanted to do with it. He could have said, "I don't believe this, Elijah. There is not a cloud in the sky." In other words, "Joel, I don't think I'm going to have a good year. There is no sign of it. Business is slow. My medical report doesn't look good. My child is still acting up." Ahab could have looked at it in the natural and said, "I'm not going to get my hopes up. Elijah doesn't know what he is talking about." No, Ahab dared to believe and put action behind his faith. The next verse says, "He went out and prepared a great feast." You know, it took a lot of nerve to prepare a feast in the midst of the drought. While other people were complaining, negative, depressed and bitter, here's Ahab celebrating. Friend, this is what faith is all about! You can't wait to see it before you believe. You have to believe and let your faith open the door so you can see it!

Today, I'm asking you to follow Ahab's example. Get your hopes up! Start celebrating what God is about to do! In other words, start acting like 2011 is your year—talk like it's your year, walk like it's your year, dress like it's your year and think like it's your year! Don't make excuses. Don't come up with all the reasons why this is not for you. Be a believer; not a doubter. Get up every morning and announce it by faith, "Father, I want to thank You that this year is my year. Thank You that this year You are going to surprise me. Lord, thank You that I'm going to see promises come to pass. Thank You that things are shifting in my favor."

Then get ready for a year of abundance—abundance of joy, abundance in your health, abundance in finances. I believe and declare it's going to be an exceptional year for you and your family because I hear the sound of abundance coming your way!

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