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Once and For All
By Joel Osteen - Jan 07, 2011

In the first part of any New Year, many people are energized and refocused, ready to accomplish their goals. If we're not careful, before long, we'll find ourselves slipping back into our old routines and habits. I believe that this is the year to break free from those things that have held you back, once and for all!

But before you can change your behavior, you have to change what you're thinking and what you're saying. It may seem hard to break that addiction, but is it hard to just say, "I am free from ______?" Is it hard to say, "I have power over _______ through Jesus Christ?" Can you declare, "Greater is He who is in me than ________?"

It may seem awkward at first, but your words set the course for your life. Scripture tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. It also tells us to speak to our mountains, the obstacles that try to hold us back from being all God has called us to be. It won't just happen automatically, and it won't happen overnight, but anybody can change their words by purposing in their heart to do so. Maybe you can set a reminder on your calendar or an alarm on your phone so you can take a minute or two each day to "talk to your mountain" and declare victory over your life. Then make sure that all throughout the day, you keep your words in line with your goals and God's Word. Don't start talking about your problem, don't start feeding defeat; instead, talk to your mountain and watch it move out of your way!

In the Bible when David faced Goliath, everyone around him was talking about the mountain. They were saying, "Goliath is so big. There's no way we can defeat him." Then along came a young man named David. He was only 17 years old. But somehow he understood this principle of talking to the mountain. When he saw Goliath, instead of saying, "He's so big. We don't have a chance," he said, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God?" He was saying, "Hey, wait a minute. This is not right. One mountain is going to keep us from our destiny? David's friends and the people around him began to laugh. They said, "David, are you crazy? You can't fight Goliath. You're just a kid. You're too small. You don't have any experience." David shook it off. When he went out to face Goliath, Goliath began to laugh. When he saw how young and small David was, he said, "Am I a dog that you would come at me with a stick?" He was saying, "Don't you have anything better to send out against me than this little runt? It's not even going to be a fight." No, David wasn't focused on the size of his giant; he was focused on the size of his God. He understood this principle. He didn't just pray that he would defeat Goliath. He didn't just believe and hope that he would defeat him. David spoke to his mountain. He looked him in the eyes and said, "Goliath, you come against me with a sword and a shield, but I come against you in the name of the Lord God of Israel." In other words, "You've got a sword, but I've got something better. I've got the forces of heaven backing me up." He said, "Goliath, this day the Lord will deliver you into my hands. I will defeat you and feed your head to the birds of the air." He was saying, "You may be big, but I know my God is bigger. And when I speak to the mountain, God's promised it will be removed!"

If you're going to break old habits and make changes in your life, you've got to speak to the giants that mock your victory. No matter what you may be facing, no matter how big those goals and dreams may seem, start changing your words and declare victory because it's time to move forward in faith and freedom, once and for all.

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