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Don’t Let the Naysayers Talk You Out of Your Dream
By Joel Osteen - Nov 24, 2010
I have a friend who had a dream to start his own business. He had a plan, but he needed a bank to get behind him so he could get a loan to get the business off the ground. First, he went to his bank that he had used for many years, but they turned him down for the loan. They said his idea wasn't a good idea. He went to another bank and another. They all said the same thing, "It's never going to work." In fact, thirty-one banks told him "no." Thirty-one banks said, "It's not a good idea. It's never going to work." But when you're in circumstances like this, you have to decide, are you are going to believe the report of people or are you going to believe the report of the Lord? This man chose to believe what God had placed on the inside of him. All he had was $150. Really, he needed several hundred thousand dollars to get the business off the ground the right way, but he took what he had and bought a few supplies to do what he could to get the business started. His first client liked his work so much that they gave him a one-year contract. He took that contract to the bank. Thirty-one banks told him "no," but bank number thirty-two said "yes." Today, this man has a multimillion dollar, growing, successful business. What happened? He used what he had in his hand. When he recognized what he had and took a step of faith in spite of what his circumstances were saying, that's when God showed up and started breathing in his direction.

You may have a dream right now, but like this man, every voice is telling you, "It's never going to work. It's not a good idea. You don't have enough people behind you." No, God wouldn't have given you the dream; He wouldn't have put that idea in your heart without giving you the resources to see it come to pass.

Now is the time to look around because when God gives you a dream, He gives it to you in seed form. In other words, if you have a dream to have a big oak tree, God is going to give you an acorn. Everything you need to see that dream come to pass is within your reach right now. Don't just sit back and say, "Well, I don't have the connections, Joel. Everybody tells me it's not a good idea. All I've got is $150. All I've got is this little bitty acorn." No, use what you have because God has already lined up the right people, the right breaks, the right resources. Thirty-one banks may have told you "no," but let me tell you, bank number thirty-two is coming. Thirty-one banks may have said, "Not a good idea," but bank number thirty-two is going to say, "Great idea. We're on board." Don't let people talk you out of what you know God placed in your heart because He is faithful, and He will fulfill every promise He has deposited inside of you!
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